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Liberty Tree Project

During the American Revolutionary War, the Sons of Liberty often convened under the nation’s original Liberty Tree in Boston, to discuss their opposition to British rule in the colonies. This historic tree became a beacon of hope to colonists and a symbol of American freedom. In an attempt to stymie these colonists, the British destroyed Boston’s Liberty Tree. Suddenly, patriots throughout the 13 colonies began to designate new Liberty Trees. The last known original Liberty Tree sat on the campus of Saint John’s University in Maryland until it was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Thanks to local landscaper Mark Mehnert, who rescued and revived parts of this original tree, direct descendants of this Liberty Tree are thriving and making their way across the nation.

Generously sponsored by and in partnership with the Pennsylvania Freemasons, America250PA’s Liberty Tree Project includes a certified Liberty Tree planted in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties beginning in the Fall of 2024, through 2026.

Butler County has purchased a Liberty Tree and we await its arrival for planting it in the county.  The location is to be determined.